Add data to a Dataset

With the Platform

In order to add assets to a dataset, you need to go to your "Datalake" page and select the assets that you want to add.

Then click on "add to dataset"

You can then select the target dataset to import assets

Then select the specific version to add images.

With Python SDK

pip install picsellia

First make sure that you have Picsellia Python package installed

then you will need to initialize the Client with your API Token, available in you profile page.

from picsellia.client import Client
clt = Client(api_token="your token")

you can now search for some assets on your lake with the datalake.fetch() method:

pictures = clt.datalake.picture.fetch(quantity=1, tags=['tag1'])

You can use to vizualize the fetched assets

then you can add data to your dataset


You can find a complete reference to the SDK here.

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