Picsellia is made for you to work with your team and is suited to be used in any organization of any size, here we will describe how it works and what depend of your organization or not.

The Organization

When you create your account on Picsellia, we automatically create your Organization whose name equals your chosen username.

Let's first go to the first page you discover when signing in Picsellia, our homepage.

To access your Profile or your Organization settings you can click on the dropdown in the top-left of your screen, at the top of the navigation bar :

Once clicked you will see several links available :

As you can see, the upper part of the menu is dedicated to your profile that allows you to edit your settings, check your notifications and see your API Token.

Now let's look at the lower part which is dedicated to your Organization. We will first click on Informations

You now see your Organization settings, as you can see there is not much to edit but it gives you access to a few useful menus :

  • Members, this tabs allows you to invite your team in your Organization so you can work together

  • Billing, the list of your payments and invoices according to your subscription

  • Subscription, allows you to subscribe to Picsellia paid plan

We will only dive deep in the Members tab in this page so let's click on the tab.

From this page, you can add already existing user in your team or invite new users to Picsellia and allow them to join your team.

You can also set up roles for people within your Organization so they are or not able to access some content of your Organization.

When you add someone to your Organization, they will receive an email and a notification in Picsellia so they can accept or reject the invitation. If the person accepts the invitation, they will have access to your Organization in the same menu as earlier when clicking on the drop-down at the top-left of the screen.

Now is a good time to define the scope of the Organization and see what your team have access to when they join it.

The Organization scope

The three top-level assets that you create when working on Picsellia are :

  • A Datalake (and subsequent Datasets)

  • Projects

  • Models

When you add someone to your Organization, they automatically have access to your Datalake (and all of its content), your Datasets, and your Models.

People in your Organization don't have default access to your Projects because Project have their own access and permissions systems. That means that if you want people to be able to work in your Projects, you have to add them manually in the project's settings.

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