Launch your Hyperparameters tuning

1 . Overview

Once your Scan have been well configured you will be able to visualize all the Runs created on your Scan dashboard.

Here you can see that we created a 8 runs Scan in order to find the best learning_rate for our training, by trying to optimize the rmse value of our final model.

As no Runs have been launched for now, there are all in a waiting mode.

2 . Visualizing the script to run

Next to Stop Scan, your can see a python filename , visualize it by clicking on it, it's the python script that you chose to run for your scan.

3 . Initialize the CLI

Prerequisite : Install Picsell CLI :)

Go on your best terminal and just type :

picsell init scan YOUR_SCAN_ID

You can find you scan ID on the Scan page shown below

You should see this type of message

4 . Launch your sweeps

picsell launch scan YOUR_SCAN_ID 

If you don't have NVIDIA gpu drivers installed on your machine, please set the -g flag to false

picsell launch scan YOUR_SCAN_ID -g false 

If you want the Picsell CLI to automatically receive the next run to launch, please don't kill this terminal :)

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