Upload assets to your Lake

With the Platform

Uploading assets to your Lake is really simple, once on your "Datalake" page

To upload data, just click on Upload Data on the top right of the page.

Then select the assets you want to upload, and add tags if you want, once you've typed a tag, do not forget to press ENTER to validate it.

Then click on upload 🚀 !

With the Python SDK

pip install picsellia

First make sure that you have Picsellia Python package installed

then you will need to initialize the Client with your API Token, available in you profile page.

from picsellia.client import Client
clt = Client(api_token="your token")

Then simply pass the absolute path of the assets to upload.

clt.datalake.picture.upload(filepath=filepath, tags=['AAA', 'BBB'])

You can find a complete reference to the SDK here.

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